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Pilot Training Enquiry Form





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 New Zealand Private Pilot License

 New Zealand Commercial Pilot License

 New Zealand Commercial Pilot License with MEIR

 Indian DGCA Training Package

 Vietnam Airlines Training Package

 Vietnam Airlines Training Package(With ATPL and MCC)

 Sri Lankan DGCA Training Package

 New Zealand Diploma in General Aviation

 New Zealand Diploma in Airline Preparation

 New Zealand Diploma in Fight Instruction

 Conversion of Overseas License

 Hour Building

 General Enquiry / Not decided yet



 Right Now                                                    In 2 - 3 months

 In 4 - 6 months                                             In about 12 months

 In 18 months                                                Not Decided Yet



Relax!! Timings are as per your local time.




Hey, thanks for taking the time and providing us with all this information!

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