Introducing eAviator for aspiring pilots

The ongoing pandemic situation has changed how students receive an education. Online learning has become the new way to complete courses and begin an exciting new career. But is it possible for aspiring pilots to study from home? IAANZ has introduced eAviator, online theory learning courses to help you start your journey of becoming a professional pilot.

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How does eAviator work

IAANZ e-learning courses have been designed by both educational e-learning professionals and qualified pilots. Each course is split into sections and lessons with theory material covering the CAA required syllabus, video footage, and photo imagery to ensure you are kept engaged. Your different learning styles are met. Interactive activities throughout the course test your knowledge and learning. An instructor is appointed to your class who will follow you through your learning, answer any questions you may have, and provide a weekly webinar if required.

At the end of your course and when you are ready, you will have the option of booking your assessment with ASPEQ, the national assessment body for Aviation in New Zealand. 

What platform is used to deliver the courses?

The learning platform is Moodle which is an acronym for Modular object-orientated dynamic learning environment. This learning environment will provide access to your course information, activities to test your learning, chat facility to allow you to engage with other learners completing the same course, among many other features. Our portal also keeps you up to date with the latest course information, including news, events, and essential details. 

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You can opt for a free trial before you enroll in IAANZ eLearning theory courses

Here is the form for the free trial- Free Trial 

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