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Take the first step towards a rewarding aviation career with eAviator.

IAANZ has recently introduced the eAviator program to start your private pilot theory lessons from home. The pandemic has affected many dreams and has delayed students from pursuing their higher education. That is why IAANZ created a professional pilot theory course to start their aviation careers as soon as possible. Students can select one or all six subjects. To know more, click here: IAANZ is proud to bring to you an eLearning course 

What theoretical knowledge does a Commercial pilot need to acquire to be eligible for a pilot license?

All through their career, Pilots are expected to acquire, retain and apply theoretical knowledge.

The knowledge covers the following areas

  • Aircraft Mechanics
  • The Human Body
  • Aviation Air Law
  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft Performance and Principles of Flight
  • Air Navigation
  • Electronic, Electrical and Radio equipment used in Air Navigation
  • Cockpit Management and Communication

The New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority has listed the following courses as prerequisites for a Commercial Pilots Licence. 

Pilot licensing | 

Private Pilot Licence

Commercial Pilot Licence

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