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Learning to fly an aircraft requires good instruction and takes a lot of practice. Being a technical course you not only build flying experience but also gather a good understanding of aviation theoretical knowledge. While students must score a minimum of 70% in theory exams to pass the course, 100% knowledge is required before you are qualified by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Introducing eLearning for pilots by IAANZ

COVID19 has forced many students to postpone or give up their dreams to train as a pilot. With strict protocols in place, overseas travel and college enrolment has not been possible. 

IAANZ has a way for you to start your training now! eAviator offers you the unique opportunity to start aviation theory courses from the comfort of your home.

Theory courses are available now!

  • PPL Metrology: Learn how to demonstrate knowledge of meteorology for private aircraft operations.

          Price: NZD$275.00

           aeroplane wing

  • Aviation Law: Learn how to demonstrate aviation legislation,  general operation, and flight rules.

            Price: NZD$250.00

balancing scale

  • PPL Human Factors: Learn about human performance and human limitations in both air and on the ground.

           Price: NZD$250.00

Human brain

  • Flight Navigation: Learn the fundamentals of air navigation, aeronautical maps and charts, and flight planning.

           Price: NZD$275.00
flight map

  • Flight Radio: Learn the knowledge of basic radio wave propagation and radio equipment and its use for aircraft operations.

           Price: NZD$175.00

flight monitor

  • Aircraft Technology: Learn aircraft technical knowledge for use in a private aircraft operation.

            Price: NZD$275.00

aeroplane wings

Each course is split into sections and lessons with theory material covering the CAA required syllabus and video footage, photo imagery to ensure you are kept engaged and your different learning styles are met. Interactive activities throughout the course test your knowledge and learning. This is an excellent opportunity for students to take the first step towards becoming professional pilots. You can enroll for a free trial before you commit. 


Enjoy it now! - Free Trial  

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