Study tips for aviation students.


Start your pilot training with IAANZ online classes. 

Online theory courses from industry experts and professionals from the International aviation academy of New Zealand can help you become a commercial pilot. You must prepare well for your PPL theory courses and pass all examinations to qualify for your pilot license. Here are a few tips to remember when preparing for your pilot license examinations: 

  • Give importance to your theory subjects. Here is a list of theory subjects you need to prepare for:

PPL Courses

  • Aircraft Technology
  • Flight Radio
  • Human Factors
  • Flight Navigation
  • Air Law
  • Meteorology

ATPL Courses

  • BGT Theory
  • ATPL Aerodynamics, Performance & Systems
  • ATPL Law
  • ATPL Navigation & Instrument Aids
  • ATPL Flight Planning

IR Courses

  • IR Navigation & Flight Planning
  • IR Law
  • IR Instruments & 

All theory PPL subjects are now available on the IAANZ website. Follow the link here: 

  • Ask your instructor:
    about your strengths and weaknesses. They, too, have gone through the same preparation process and can help you pass your PPL examinations. Enroll with IAANZ and get support from an instructor team Mon-Fri who are only an email or phone call away, or set up a zoom meeting with Faculty members from the academy. You will also get access to online study material and interactive activities to supplement your online learning. 


pilot instructor


  • Dedicate time to study:

    Most pilot training students think they can simply guess the theory-related questions and sail by the exams. But you must dedicate time to explore the given material carefully and have a good foundation in the subject matter. These subjects are not only mandatory for your pilot license but will help you as a professional pilot as well. 


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All the best! 

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