The Evolution of Education in India

School girl standing

In 2013, 229 million students enrolled in different accredited urban and rural schools of India. Today India is one of the largest education markets in the world. Seven decades of independence have enabled India to grow its educational system phenomenally. We have witnessed a literacy rate of 73% compared to 18% pre-independence. Let us look at how the Indian education system has evolved over the years. 


Teaching was considered one of the noblest professions in the pre-independent era. It was believed that a teacher with the utmost skills and knowledge was the best way to educate children.  India has one of the largest systems of teacher education in the world. During the Vedic age, ‘Gurukuls’ were the primary source of education where students were taught various subjects and were taught to lead disciplined lives. Today, the teacher-student relationship is still important but there have been many changes to rules, policies, teacher-qualification, and curriculum. 


Modern education 

Before India became a free country, education was available only for the elite. The government created two committees for higher and secondary education. They worked to improve the educational landscape in the country. Today, there are four levels of education in India: Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary, and Higher secondary. There are approximately 1.5 million schools in the country and more than 35 thousand colleges and universities. 

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college studentsBefore the COVID19 pandemic hit, reskilling and online certificate courses dominated the online learning market. With lockdown restrictions in place, the country has been trying to bring primary and secondary students online as well. Students who wanted to travel to international universities have been stuck at home. Many top universities such as IAANZ have started their online educational programs to bridge the gap between students and physical classes which they cannot attend. 


Online education is set to grow with government incentives to digitize the country and bring in better internet connectivity. Are you ready to accept the change?

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