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Gender does not play a role when it comes to becoming a commercial pilot. A female pilot has to train for the same number of hours as her male counterparts and keep herself physically and mentally fit. There have been female pilots since the 1970s, and in fact, today, the path to aviation has become more welcoming towards women. 

Here are a few interesting facts about women in aviation and why you should aspire to be just like them: 

  • The first female commercial pilot, Bonnie Tiburzi from American Airlines, became a major airline company’s first female commercial pilot. She was an active pilot from 1973 to 1999. 

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  • Most famous female pilot: Who has not heard the legendary name of Amelia Earhart? Amelia is perhaps the most famous female pilot in history and the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 1932. 

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  • First female military pilot: With over 8000 flying hours under her belt, Sabiha Gokcen became the world's first woman military pilot at the tender age of 23. 

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  • First female pilot to fly around the world: In 1964, fierce and ambitious Jerrie Mock, an American pilot, became the first woman to fly solo around the world. 

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  • The highest number of female pilots: India has the highest number of female pilots in the world! 12.4% of pilots operating in India are women. The Air India family alone has over 200+ women, pilots, and captains.

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Women today are looking for and deserve every opportunity presented to Men. A career in Aviation is one of those exciting opportunities that should be within reach for every young girl who wants to soar high. Take the first step towards an exciting aviation career with IAANZ: International Aviation Academy of New Zealand. 

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The following theory subjects are available

PPL Courses

  • Aircraft Technology
  • Flight Radio
  • Human Factors
  • Flight Navigation
  • Air Law
  • Meteorology

ATPL Courses

  • BGT Theory
  • ATPL Aerodynamics, Performance & Systems
  • ATPL Law
  • ATPL Navigation & Instrument Aids
  • ATPL Flight Planning

IR Courses

  • IR Navigation & Flight Planning
  • IR Law
  • IR Instruments & Navigation Aids

IAANZ can help you prepare for your PPL theory examinations with Aviation Services Limited (ASL) through our online environment and resources. These will count towards gaining a New Zealand Private Pilot Licence, provide you a taste of the aviation world, and if required, credits towards your NCEA. 

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