The Multi-Crew Coordination (MCC) Course at IAANZ has been designed, built and delivered by professional pilots who have many years of operating in a multi-crew environment and who have been check Captains for various International airlines.

The MCC Course covers both the knowledge and practical skills that are required to operate effectively within a multi-crew operating environment.


Part One (Self-Study)

Part One is the self-study component of the course which includes five key MCC modules. Each student will receive self-study material, normally via an online link, for each module. The student having finished the first four learning modules, they will then complete the last competency assessment module. Only having successfully completed all five modules (part one) can the student progress to part two of the MCC Course.

Part Two (Classroom)

Part Two is the classroom component of the course which covers additional is designed to reinforce and then build on the previously completed self-study training. Each student will receive two days of classroom facilitated learning. Only having successfully completed the classroom training (part two) can the student progress to part three of the MCC Course.

Part Three (Simulator)

Part Three is training in our Fixed Base Jet Simulator. Each student will complete nine (two hour) training simulator sessions as pilot flying and an additional nine (two hour) sessions as pilot not flying / pilot monitoring. Having been trained to a proficient standard the student will then complete one (two hour) competency assessment session in the simulator to conclude their MCC Course.

The course is delivered in Christchurch, New Zealand on the A320 and B737-800 flight simulators.

Course available from 19 July 2021. Please Contact us for information on our monthly intakes (subject to numbers).