The Air New Zealand Aviation Institute's First Officer Programme which started in 2012 and provides one of the few truly airline-integrated training pathways for flight crew of the future. Designed primarily for airlines who seek a training partner that understands the airline business and maintains the same professional standards and integrity as their own organisation, the First Officer Programme delivers tomorrow's systems-savvy flight deck managers.

Following a joint cadet-selection process undertaken by the customer airline and the Aviation Institute, initial training through to Commercial Pilot Licence with a Multi-Engine Instrument Rating is provided by the International Aviation Academy of New Zealand Ltd and four other partner flight training organisations (PFTO's) geographically spread across New Zealand. Partner flight training organisations have been appointed following a rigorous review of their organisation, flight training programmes and their ability to meet Air New Zealand Aviation Institute standards.

Cadets graduating from this phase of training then transition into the Airline Integration Course (AIC) for an in-depth understanding of the commercial airline flight deck and its array of systems, the interactions they will have with fellow crew and airline personnel and the range of factors and influences that will drive their decision-making processes.

Following successful completion of the Airline Integration Course, graduates are well placed to handle the demands of the final stage - their first Turbo-Prop or Jet Rating endorsement. Dependent on specific customer-airline operations, type training may be conducted with the Aviation Institute or for other types with a preferred provider.

Customer airlines may request specific outcomes for their cadets but it is expected that graduates will have completed the following on graduating:

  • New Zealand Commercial Pilot Licence with a Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (CPL/MEIR)
  • New Zealand Airline Transport Pilot Licence theory subjects (offered in June - August each year)
  • Airline Integration Course
  • Jet or Turbo-Prop Type Rating
  • New Zealand Diploma in Aviation