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MCC Courses

Heading towards an Airline Career?

Prepare yourself with a short course delivered on an A320 FLIGHT DECK!
The Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) Course at IAANZ has been designed, built and delivered by professional pilots who have many years of operating in a multi-crew environment and who have been check Captains for various International airlines.

The MCC Course covers both the knowledge and practical skills that are required to operate effectively within a multi-crew operating environment.

The course is delivered in Christchurch, New Zealand on the Pacific Simulator EuroJet PS4.5 Simulator based on an A320.

Part One (Self-Study)

Part One is the self-study component of the course which includes four key MCC modules.

Each student will receive self-study material via an online link or email for each module. 

The student must complete the first four modules prior to progressing to Part Two of the MCC Course.  



Part Two (Classroom)

Part Two is the classroom component of the course which covers additional is designed to reinforce and then build on the previously completed self-study training. Each student will receive three days of classroom facilitated learning. 

Only having successfully completed the classroom training (Part Two) can the student progress to part three of the MCC Course.


Part Three (Simulator)

Part Three is training in our Fixed Base Jet Simulator based on an A320. Each student will complete four (two hour) training simulator sessions as pilot flying and an additional four (two hour) sessions as pilot not flying / pilot monitoring. 

Having been trained to a proficient standard the student will then complete one (two hour) competency assessment session as the pilot flying and one (two hour) session as pilot monitoring in the simulator to conclude their MCC Course.


Just want to tell you that I got the highest assessment score, they asked a lot of practical questions and your MCC Course was a very very very valuable knowledge that I could learn from experienced pilot like you

Tan Hien

The MCC course was exceptional. Lead by such knowledgeable, highly experienced instructors from the airline environment. I gained a lot of knowledge regarding how the multi crew environment operates and also too work with other pilots from decision making, threat and error management through to emergency procedures with the aircraft.

Jack Thorp

I really enjoyed my time on the multi crew coopration course. The experienced team of instructors were very helpful and passed on a lot of knowledge during the course. The simulator was great, very fun to operate and very realistic. I would highly recommend this course.

Oliver Grey

Right from day one of my MCC course, I knew I had made the right decision to come to IAANZ to complete this course. Having just 2 of us on the course gave both of us the best opportunity to learn, ask questions and overall have a really enjoyable time. After the course I had the opportunity to sit in the right hand seat of a multi crew flight and everything I learnt from the MCC came into real life practice and the flight went so smoothly.

Katherine Kirk

I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Multi Crew Coordination course. From day one we were met with extremely knowledgeable Instructors with lots of experience and who were very approachable and happily answered any questions we had. The course was clearly set out and gave you all the tools needed for the simulator. The simulator itself is extremely well set up and fun to fly with very realistic graphics and cockpit that added to the realism of the training. Overall the Instructors were very professional and welcoming, the course is well set out with clear objectives throughout the classroom and simulator sessions. Highly recommend this course!  

George Grey