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Fit and Proper Person

Student Information

Fit and Proper

Prior to issuance of a licence, the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand requires all prospective licence holders to pass a Fit and Proper Person Assessment. As a result, while applying for a New Zealand licence, you must supply both a criminal conviction history and a history of transport offences. This information must be received from the country or countries in which you have spent more than six consecutive months in the previous five years.
Prospective students can follow the CAA Fit and Proper guide here
Prospective students can fill out the CAA Fit and Proper questionnaire here

Demerits and Suspension

Demerits and Suspension history report will cover all of your demerit points and suspensions over the previous seven years. As a student pilot, a conviction for drunk driving (or other serious offence or serial offending) breaches the Fit and Proper Person criteria set by the CAANZ. If this happens, your training will be reviewed and termination could be a possibility. Also, 75 demerit points or above can have an adverse affect on your ability to obtain your CAA licence. This is equivalent to two/three minor speeding offences (20 demerit points each) and a restricted driver carrying an unauthorised passenger (25 demerit points). You are required to advise the Academy and CAA immediately of any criminal, drug, or alcohol offence or medical problem that may result in the suspension of a Class 1 medical prior to or during your training.
Domestic students can make a request for their demerits and suspension history report here:

Criminal Conviction / Transport Offence History

All applicants must provide official records of their Criminal and Transport Offence History from all countries, including New Zealand, which they have resided in for more than 6 consecutive months within the past 5 years.

A report of your criminal record history, including transport offence history from all countries outside NZ in which you have resided in for more than 6 consecutive months within the last 5 years (this may require separate criminal history and transport history reports, depending on the country) is required to apply for a Student Visa to New Zealand and to apply for a Pilot Licence when you complete your course.

This link from Immigration New Zealand provides a tool to find out how to obtain a police certificate from a specific country

Domestic students can make a request for their criminal records here: