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General Information

Student Information

Delivery of the courses

The Academy’s ground courses are delivered at our purpose built complex located on the western side of the Christchurch International Airport, within the Harewood Aviation Park on Aviation Drive.


The Academy has impressive facilities that include a large fleet of aircraft ranging from two seat trainers to multi engine instrument flight rating trainers, two aircraft hangars, an engineering workshop, four large air‐conditioned lecture rooms, simulator centre with A320 and Frasca Flight Simulators, A320 and B737 procedure trainers, seven pre /post flight briefing rooms, a flight planning area, a large viewing lounge with a deck that looks out onto the airport and the port hills of Christchurch and several small meeting rooms. There is also an onsite bar, cafe and social facilities.


The Academy employs a staff of qualified flight instructors and specialised theory lecturers. They are committed to assisting their students to achieve their career goals. The Academy runs an instructor/student ratio of a maximum of 1:5 for practical training and a ratio of 1:30 for all theory classes.

Support Services

The Academy has contacts with several support services including Citizens Advise Bureau, Community Law Centre, and Christchurch Library, counselling, general medical enquiries and other issues that may arise. Names of each organization can be obtained from the administration team.

Health Support

As all student pilots in training have a medical clearance each year, generally the need for health support is reduced. However, students are advised to consult an aviation medical assessor for most health issues.


If you are completing a set programme with IAANZ, you will be given a resource list that includes a list of the books and equipment you will need. These can be purchased during Orientation, but there is no requirement that you purchase them through IAANZ.


All exams are conducted by Aspeq ( They are all multi choice and to pass you need to obtain a mark of 70% or higher.

Payment of accounts

The IAANZ maintains the parent company’s policy of payment of all flying on completion of the flight. As all Academy students are Aero Club members they must refer to the Club By‐Laws for detailed information on the payment policy. Exceptions to this rule are Academy students who are drawing student loans who have paid in advance where their funds are held by the Public Trust. All students who are unable to pay for their training in time will be placed on a “Stop Fly” until the issue is sorted. Their log books may be kept by the CEO until the debt issue is resolved. IAANZ have the right to withhold any issued CAA licences and the log book until the account is settled.

Student Debt Collection Policy ‐ IAANZ

All students who are not able to settle their accounts in full by course end may be forwarded onto a debt collection agency. The IAANZ prefers not to use a formal debt collection agent to seek settlement of outstanding debts but will use this channel if required.

Student Fee Protection

All course fees will be held in the IAANZ Milestone Public Trust Account for the duration of the students’ training in accordance with the Education Act 1989. An automatic draw-down of 20 per cent of the student fee or $3000, whichever is the lesser, at the end of the statutory withdrawal and refund period will be deducted from the Public Trust Account. Subsequent withdrawals will be drawn down regularly in arrears over the length of the course, including holidays.

Withdrawal & Refunds

Students wanting to withdraw from a course must notify the IAANZ and complete a withdrawal form. Students who withdraw within the statutory refund period are entitled to a fee refund. However, the IAANZ is entitled to retain a portion of the fees. The portion of the fees refunded to the student and the portion retained by the IAANZ is dependent on whether a student is international or domestic, and on the length of the course the student is enrolled in.