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Pilot Interview Preparation Course

Simulator Centre

Gain a competitive advantage for your airline interview

Airlines hire on attitude and train to competency. During an airline pilot interview process, pilots need to prove to recruiters that they are the right person for the job.

The IAANZ Pilot Interview Preparation Course covers simulator sessions and ground modules which are specially designed to help pilots build the skills that airline recruiters are looking for.

The instructors running the course are senior industry professionals with years of experience as airline pilots. They will provide first-hand information on what it is like to work for an airline and take you through the interview process to help you present yourself in a manner that draws the interviewers attention.

The course includes technical problem solving, a simulator assessment and a personal interview. The course also includes Multi- Crew Non-Technical Skills (NTS) featuring leadership, teamwork, workload management, problem solving, decision making and threat and error management. Aspects important in flying a jet aircraft are covered prior to finishing the course with an hour-long simulator session per pilot in the Pacific Simulator EuroJet PS4.5 fixed base simulator modelled on the A320.

Pilot Interview Preparation Course

Was really valuable to spend the day with an industry veteran to discuss the workings of an airline, how they interview and how to go about planning exercises. The simulator part of the course was a lot of fun and valuable as well to get some knowledge around flying a simulator.

Toby Spanton

The course was great. Steve is an awesome teacher and gave me lots of pointers and areas to keep working on. It gave me piece of mind to know that I was studying the right things. This simulator was a highlight as it’s not often you get to fly a 60T jet. 

Ash Iro

I found the course very professional and helpful. It gave me a good insight into what to expect for my Air NZ interview. I would definitely recommend it to other potential interviewees.

Fred Blanchard

Excellent course run by Steve, one of the best in the business with complete knowledge on everything airline. Went away with a great insight on what to expect walking into an interview, and an in-depth look into how to approach preparation moving forward.

Matthew Robinson

I recently found out that I was successful in the recent Air NZ selection centre.

Thank you again for your support and assistance. The material as part of the preparation course was very relevant to what was experienced during the selection centre, and feedback from the assessors re the IAANZ course was positive compared to what they had observed as a result of some of the other offerings.

Liam Mackle

The IAANZ Simulator Centre, with state of the art equipment, offers a range of pilot training courses with a team of highly skilled and qualified flight instructors with decades of experience in the airline industry. These courses have been developed to meet various industry and corporate training demands.

The following professional courses are available:

Pilot Interview Preparation Course

Corporate Events and Team Building