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As always your courses are very helpful. I would like to point out that I scored 97% in HF and 100% in Met in Aspeq exam. I would like give IAANZ credit for this as the Met course was very well explained, the animations were awesome and the whole subject was simplified and easy to understand. Thank you for all the great work you guys do!


The E-Learning is interactive, well organized and presented in a logical order. It is very easy to find the right information when doing revision and covers everything required in the syllabus. It’s easy to track your progress and provides a platform to talk with other students and the instructor for the course. By using the E-learning for my PPL subjects I was able to pass all but one exam with over 90% and even had a 100% pass.

Zane, Australia

eAviator has a simple, straightforward interface and design, it simplifies and removes unnecessary information from the books, and has helped me pass exams

Ralf, Philippines

This year I studied my PPL theory using the IAANZ online course. The content was on target and available whenever I was. I can’t think of a better way of studying for my PPL. Beats the books!


The online course is fantastic, The exams are a huge barrier to flying for many reasons but with the online course they are far more interesting and enjoyable. Will be using them for the rest of my theory courses. I thought they would be just a talking head, so happy to be proved very wrong

Sue, New Zealand

I have just started using the eAviator and it has been very helpful to study. I think it’s better because it’s very easy to use

Soniya, India

eAviator is great because it brings all the information from a book into a concise easy to follow course. It is better than books because it is always on the internet ready to go and doesn’t include any useless information. It has helped pass my exams because it makes studying easier, not having to flick through entire books. My favourite feature is the practice exams

Sam, New Zealand