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The John Pauwels Flying Scholarship was established in 2018 and is funded by John Pauwels, retired Air New Zealand Captain. The scholarship is awarded to a student who has a passion for flying and has an excellent attitude, is motivated and has the intellectual, mental and physical ability to become a commercial airline pilot.

The aim of the John Pauwels Flying Scholarships is to encourage students from traditionally underrepresented groups to consider the exciting career of aviation. The scholarship is valued at $13,000, which is used to cover the cost of the Private Pilot Licence theory and some flying. Exams and extra books and equipment required are not included.

There are two pathways to the Scholarship. One is by application for students from Hillmorton High School in Christchurch and the other is available nationwide, but is only available by nomination from senior members of the aviation community.

Candidates will need to progress through a series of assessments and interviews. These can include but not be limited to:-

Informal and formal interviews

ADAPT testing

Written tests and/or other forms of assessment

For further information, visit the website at