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Christchurch International Airport is the second largest airport in New Zealand and is fully equipped to international standards.

The airport has two perpendicular runways: primary runway (02/20) oriented with the north-easterly and south-westerly prevailing winds, and a secondary runway (11/29) oriented for use during nor’westers. The airport also has a third grass runway, parallel to the primary runway, for use by general aviation.

Students have a unique opportunity to be exposed to a busy controlled aviation environment. The experience gained flying at Christchurch Airport gives IAANZ trained pilots the experience and confidence to fly into any certified airport in New Zealand.

West Melton

West Melton airfield, owned by the Canterbury Aero Club, is just 6 minutes flight time from Christchurch.

This airfield is reserved for the exclusive use of the Canterbury Aero Club and IAANZ students.

The self-sufficient club house, with an aircraft hangar and three runways provides an area for our students to train privately.


The Rangiora Airfield, just 12 minutes flying from Christchurch, is owned and operated by the Waimakariri District Council with the assistance of the Rangiora Airfield Advisory Group.

This public airfield is situated 3NM WNW of Rangiora township on Merton Road, and has three grass runways.

The Canterbury Aero Club is one of the oldest tenants and has a club house facility on the airfield. IAANZ students regularly use Rangiora airfield for flight training.