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Simulator Centre

Simulator Centre

Fulfilling the Dream of Flight

Sky-High Adventure

The IAANZ Simulator Centre offers you the best seat on our brand new A320 flight simulator. Select your Sky-High Adventure and experience first-hand what it feels like to be at the controls of a 70-ton Jet.

Professional Courses

The IAANZ Simulator Centre, with state of the art equipment, offers a range of pilot training courses with a team of highly skilled and qualified flight instructors with decades of experience in the airline industry.

Flight Instruction

The IAANZ Simulator Centre houses a range of synthetic flight training equipment and is the One-Stop-Shop for all your training needs.

MCC Courses

The Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) Course at IAANZ has been designed, built and delivered by professional pilots who have many years of operating in a multi-crew environment and who have been check Captains for various International airlines.

Corporate Events

The IAANZ Simulator Centre is the excellent destination for your next Corporate Event. Corporate Events at the IAANZ Simulator Centre are fun, thrilling and exciting.

Procedure Trainers

Available for hire! Brush up on procedures before a flight or prepare for a simulator session by practicing normal and abnormal procedures in either our A320 or B737 Procedure trainer.