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The Best Path to the Aviation Industry

The International Aviation Academy of New Zealand (IAANZ), New Zealand’s only professional pilot training organisation in a major international aviation environment, has been fulfilling the dream of flight for young aviators from all over the world for the last 30 years.

Operating a self-maintained fleet of 24 aircraft from three training locations, using high quality flight theory content provided by eAviator and state-of-the-art flight simulators, IAANZ has positioned itself to be the Best Path to the Aviation Industry, providing airline-standard courses and qualifications.

Strong relationships with stakeholders such as Air New Zealand and Vietnam Airlines along with Industry Regulators and Type Rating Training Organisations in the Asia and Pacific Regions (APAC) makes IAANZ a sought after flight training organisation in the region.

On graduation from IAANZ, trainees enter the industry with the qualifications, skills and personality required to be a leader on the flight deck.

The International Aviation Academy of New Zealand, New Zealand’s only professional pilot training in a major International Aviation Environment at Christchurch Airport
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New Zealand’s only professional pilot training in a major International Aviation Environment.


The advantages of training at an international airport are huge, and allow trainee pilots to develop skills in a truly professional airline environment.

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High pass rates


At IAANZ there is no room for guess work when it comes to safety. Our courses provide students with the information and skills they need to fly an aircraft safely and effectively. They are taught by hands-on, skilled instructors who integrate real-world experience into the teaching and learning environment.

The Academy also has an on-site engineering team. The benefit of having engineers on-site is that students at IAANZ are quickly able to have an aircraft checked or any engineering related doubt cleared before they get airborne.

Additionally, IAANZ uses a CAANZ approved Safety Management System (SMS) which encompasses a number of different elements from reporting and auditing, hazard and risk identification, to training and safety communications. The Academy also uses an electronic reporting system ensuring that staff and students can report at any time from a computer, tablet, or smart phone. The SMS provides the Academy, and its parent company the Canterbury Aero Club, with a simple and organised approach to preventing accidents or incidents.

These practises align with our core value; everyone gets home safely.

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IAANZ home base is at Christchurch International Airport which exposes students to a busy controlled airport environment. The experience gained flying at Christchurch Airport gives students the experience and confidence to fly into any certified airport in New Zealand. The Canterbury Aero Club owns satellite airfield, West Melton, where Academy students are able to fine tune their skills in uncontrolled airspace, only 6 minutes flight time from the international airport. Rangiora airfield, 12 minutes flight time from the international airport is also a base commonly used by Academy students, as it’s a very active airfield, with three runways. Academy students also get to experience some of the world’s most scenic and challenging training grounds from flying over beautiful bright blue alpine-fed lakes to glaciers that cascade down from the peaks of the gorgeous Southern Alps.

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Large Training Fleet

The Academy has a fleet of 26 training aircraft ranging from analogue to G1000 NXI glass cockpits. All our single and multi-engine training aircraft are equipped to provide our trainees with the experience and expertise required to be successful in their aviation roles. The academy’s fleet also features the latest Frasca Piper Seminole G1000Nxi, G1000Nxi Desktop trainer, Pacific Simulators EuroJet PS4.5 modelled on the A320 flight deck, and B737 and A320 procedure trainers to ensure students a more smoother transition from simulator to aircraft.

IAANZ has an approved fleet replacement plan, that aims to continuously upgrade the fleet to meet the ever increasing demands for automation and technology in aviation. Our most recent acquisitions were 3 Piper Archers TX G1000 NXi aircraft fully equip for cross country and IFR training, as well as the Frasca Piper Seminole G1000Nxi and EuroJet PS4.5 simulator modelled on the A320.

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For the last 29 years, IAANZ have been building an impressive industry reputation for the quality of its training program and graduates who are trained to airline operational standards and gain experience in flying in an international airport environment. The Academy’s purpose-built training facilities and high-precision flight instructors have helped produce graduates who not only fly all over the world as airline pilots, tourist flight operators, and agricultural pilots but also excel in other roles in the aviation sector.

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High Pass Rates

IAANZ strives to achieve the greatest possible pass rate for all students. The Academy’s course numbers are small enough to give personalised attention while being large enough to meet industry demands. We are committed to ensuring an instructor: student ratio which allows us to run an in-house mentorship programme and one-one-one support to all students. The Academy students are IAANZ customers, and the customer always comes first.

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IAANZ is revolutionising the way traditional pilot training is delivered by leveraging technology to create an engaging and motivating learning environment. eAviator is an interactive eLearning course created by industry professionals and subject matter experts to cater for students’ different learning styles. These online pilot theory-based courses are for individuals pursuing PPL, IFR, and ATPL and feature the same passion and promise that IAANZ is known for, allowing students to study theory outside of the classroom to enhance learning.

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Investing in the Future

The Academy is proud to have invested in a wide range of resources and partnerships to reaffirm our promise to our customers of providing them with the best path to the aviation industry. To stay up – to – date with technology, the Academy has recently partnered with FlightLogger, one of the world’s top providers of flight training management software. Additionally, working with Aeroplanned and their revolutionary resourcing software, the Academy is taking another step towards reaching the gold standard in pilot training. The recently launched IAANZ Simulator Centre which features the latest Frasca Piper Seminole G1000Nxi, G1000Nxi Desktop trainer, Pacific Simulator EuroJet PS4.5 modelled on the A320 flight deck, and B737 and A320 procedure trainers, is yet another investment by the Academy, demonstrating IAANZ’s commitment to producing work-ready pilots for the airline industry.

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One of the key benefits of studying with IAANZ is flexibility. Students can join IAANZ wherever they are in their aviation journey to fulfil their dream of flight. The online flexibility of eAviator allows high school students to start studying for their aviation licence without interfering with their high school schedules. International students can also start their aviation study with eAviator while overseas before coming to New Zealand for practical flying.

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IAANZ is committed to meeting the aviation industry’s current needs without jeopardising future generations’ ability to enjoy all clean and natural that New Zealand has to offer. As a result, IAANZ has developed a Sustainability Plan and is committed to accomplishing the Sustainability Development Goals and initiatives that were established, which encompass our environment, community, and people, and focuses on tackling key issues that we can influence, click here to read more.

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IAANZ is a New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) Category 1 provider accredited to deliver New Zealand Aviation qualifications. Student loan, allowances and Feesfree are available for the Academy’s Diploma courses for eligible students. For further information on loans and allowances go to (

Our Core Values

Everyone Gets Home Safely

Identify hazards
Prevent harm
Follow procedures
Be responsible
Look after each other
Meet highest standards

One Crew

Show respect
Be open and honest
Insire and encourage
Take pride
Celebrate success

Own It

Show professionalism
Lead by example
Be engaged
Take the initiative
Go the extra mile
Be yourself

Seek Excellence

Have integrity
Value the customer
Exceed the standard
Understand and deliver
Have an eye for detail
Complete your work

Passion For Learning

A career of growth
Continuously improve
Ask questions
Be open to feedback
Have fresh thinking
Seek opportunities

Strategic relationships to provide you with the ‘Best path to the Aviation Industry’

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What We Offer

When you’re looking for a flight training organisation, you want professional, personalised training with an established, well-respected institution.

Our Courses

Our programs cover all that you will need to get you on the road to a professional flying career.

Fulfilling the dream of flight

Graduates flying around the world

Zane, Australia

The E-Learning is interactive, well organized and presented in a logical order. It is very easy to find the right information when doing revision and covers everything required in the syllabus.

Sue, New Zealand

The online course is fantastic, The exams are a huge barrier to flying for many reasons but with the online course they are far more interesting and enjoyable.

Alice, New Zealand

The value of quality flight training through IAANZ furthered my passion for flight and the learning associated with it. IAANZ has given me the tool to start my flying career through the diploma enabling me to complete a childhood goal of becoming a Commercial pilot. The environment created here pushes you to succeed and build strong connections with diverse people and this is something I will cherish. Completing my diploma, I admired the instructor/ lecturing side of aviation which formed my next goal to become an instructor. Through the intensive course and support from a large group of instructors I was able to complete my C Category instructor rating and be fortunate enough to be offered my first flying job.

Soniya, India

I have just started using the eAviator and it has been very helpful to study. I think it’s better because it’s very easy to use

Abdul, Nigeria

Training at IAANZ was a really great experience. The instructors were adept and always willingly to help out. I was so impressed with the structure and quality of my initial training that I returned after a few years to complete my ATPL theory. The south island's unique geography and weather provided a flying environment that was both challenging and interesting.

Vishal, India

I have completed my Diploma in Aviation from IAANZ in 2022. My life in New Zealand and experience from IAANZ was amazing. Training quality provided by IAANZ is exceptional and of high quality and standards. With well maintained aircrafts and properly scheduled bookings I was able to complete my training on time. Instructors from IAANZ are resourceful and skilled. The staffs are friendly and approachable.

Ralf, Philippines

eAviator has a simple, straightforward interface and design, it simplifies and removes unnecessary information from the books, and has helped me pass exams

Hieu Pham, Vietnam

It was a great time for me to train at IAANZ. I studied with experienced, professional and enthusiastic instructors, some of whom were even first-officer of Air NZ. The campus is located on the premises of Christchurch International Airport, so it is very convenient for me to get used to the controlled airspace, which will definitely help me a lot in the next step of my training. Aircrafts are always regularly maintained with high safety standards. Besides, the student service department took care and supported me promptly when I had any problems during my studies and even my life. I am so satisfied with this choice.

Arthur, Japan

IAANZ being situated at an international airport and having very knowledgeable and kind instructors, I experienced the highest level of flight training. Thanks to that high standard, I was motivated everyday to become the best pilot I can be. I believe IAANZ has prepared me well to go out in the aviation industry. For anyone who is interested in becoming a commercial pilot, I would strongly recommend IAANZ.

Toby, Switzerland

My training and employment with the International Aviation Academy of New Zealand has broadened both my flying and life experience in ways that has helped push me further and even look to gain experience overseas. The flight training pushed my boundaries and developed my flying skills in some of the best and most challenging terrain in the world

Josh, United Kingdom

IAANZ offered the highest standards of training and a highly successful MEIR CPL. IAANZ also offered the highest standards in safety, instructors, and engineers. Instructing at IAANZ and the support and guidance of staff has continually helped me build towards a successful and future career.