Welcome to the International Aviation Academy

Located at Christchurch International Airport in a stand-out, modern complex is the International Aviation Academy of New Zealand (IAANZ), the home to around 100 commercial pilot and flight instructor trainees per year.

Being an Air New Zealand Preferred Flight Training Organisation, the IAANZ’s training programmes have been designed to deliver ‘airline ready’ pilots who are well matched to the changing demands of the airline industry.

The advantages of training at an International airport are huge, and allow trainee pilots to develop skills in a truly professional airline environment.

Courses at IAANZ


Our programs cover all that you will need to get you on the road to a professional flying career.

IAANZ Our Fleet


Our fleet offers you a safe and enjoyable flight training experience. Each aircraft is selected for reliability, performance and durability.



Our instructors are here because they love flying in this region and are committed to the way we deliver our program.

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Our Core Values

Strategic relationships to provide you with the ‘Best path to the Aviation Industry’

Fulfilling the dream of flight