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The Academy's purpose built facilities are

world class.

IAANZ has invested in cutting-edge technology and equipment to help students reach their flying goals. The Academy’s fleet is not only modern and well-maintained but is also diverse, making it appropriate for all training purposes.

IAANZ takes pleasure in providing the highest quality and most efficient pilot training environment possible.

You are more than welcome to get in contact with us and have a tour of the Academy’s classrooms, aircraft and simulators, and talk about the many pilot training opportunities available to you.

Our Ground Facilities

The Academy has nine pilot briefing rooms to ensure privacy during instructor briefing and de-briefing of students.

A large flight planning area for completing flight planning information and completing ground work.

In addition to access to eAviator courses to support your study, the Academy has three large lecture rooms for PPL, CPL, IFR and ATPL theory courses. These lecture rooms are designed and built with maximum sound proofing, data projection, full air conditioning and audio visual systems.

Dedicated student areas which are used to study for exams and flight tests or socialise when time allows.

And to ensure every one of our 26 aircraft is hangared at the end of each day, the Academy has two large hangars.

Our On-site Engineering

Our in-house engineers and apprentices are flagbearers for our core value ‘Everyone gets Home Safely’.

Mike and his team of skilled and qualified engineers are responsible for the maintenance and airworthiness of the fleet.

Regular aircraft inspections, maintenance, servicing, and testing are done on-site to keep the fleet to the standard required by the aviation regulator.

The benefit of having engineers onsite is that students at IAANZ are quickly able to have an aircraft checked or any engineering related doubt cleared before they get airborne. At IAANZ, there is no room for guess work when it comes to safety.

In line with IAANZ culture, the engineers and the engineering hangar are accessible to students when deemed necessary.

Cafe 140

Café 140, managed and run by the very caring Jocelyn, ensures that students and visitors at IAANZ don’t fly on an empty stomach.

Whether students need a quick bite to eat before their flight (or hearty lunch after), or are wanting a delicious freshly brewed rich cup of coffee along with a mouth-watering muffin, students and visitors can fill their satisfy their cravings – all while having a break and taking in the view at the Academy’s onsite café.

Jocelyn has been with IAANZ for two years now. Her passion, knowledge and experience is a real strength as she can create premium coffee blends, and she stays on top of what’s in season with her ever-changing menus to spice things up for students and visitors. She’s excellent at catering for gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and dairy free options

Whatever your preferences, café patrons are sure to discover something to their liking!

Our Simulator Centre

The IAANZ Simulator Centre is the Academy’s latest addition, which is fulfilling the dream of flight for all.

Never taken control of an aircraft before? No problem!

The IAANZ Simulator Centre offers you the best seat on our brand new A320 flight simulator. Select your Sky-High Adventure and experience first-hand what it feels like to be at the controls of a 70-ton Jet.

Been at the flight controls before? Have some flying experience? Ask us for a bespoke adventure!


eAviator is redefining the way traditional pilot theory is delivered while emphasising our core value “Passion for Learning.”

IAANZ eLearning courses are replacing lengthy books and creating a flexible, engaging, and dynamic online learning environment catering to different learning styles. These interactive pilot theory-based courses were designed by industry professionals and subject matter experts and are for people pursuing PPL, IFR, and ATPL qualifications and offer the same passion and promise as IAANZ, allowing students to study theory outside of the classroom to enhance learning.


IAANZ is keeping up to date with technology by partnering with one of the world’s leading providers in flight training management software.

FlightLogger provides a comprehensive solution for student training, delivering everything from scheduling, lesson bookings, briefings/debriefings to certificate management and digital logbook keeping. It puts all necessary documentation at a student’s fingertips, enabling them to study SOPs and lesson criteria prior to a booking, and to submitting data such as Weight and Balance calculations in time for pre-flight briefing. After a lesson all flight and debrief information is stored in the system for reference or revision at any time, along with instructor’s comments for future lessons. With FlightLogger, students have 24/7 access to their training profile and a clear understanding of where they stand on their journey to becoming a professional pilot.

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