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Introducing the eAviator program by the best flight school in New Zealand: IAANZ

Stuck at home? With the ongoing pandemic and lockdown restrictions, it has been difficult for students to fulfill their higher education dreams—especially those who want to train as pilots. Travel restrictions meant that students could not fly to the flight school of their choice. That is why the International Aviation Academy of New Zealand has designed the eAviator program.

The eAviator course, created by industry experts and professional pilots, covers all CAA syllabus. Each lesson includes a documented training plan, images, activities, knowledge checks, sample exams. 

Your learning is supported by an instructor team Mon-Fri who are only an email or phone call away and if this does answer your questions, arrange a zoom meeting or an appointment in person with someone at the academy. 

Each course is split into sections and lessons with theory material covering the CAA required syllabus and video footage and photo imagery to ensure you are engaged and your different learning styles are met. Interactive activities throughout the course test your knowledge and learning. An instructor is appointed to your course and will follow you through your learning, answer any questions you may have, and provide a weekly webinar.

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We can help you prepare for your PPL theory examinations with Aviation Services Limited (ASL) through our online environment and resources. These will count towards gaining a New Zealand Private Pilot Licence, provide you a taste of the aviation world, and if required, credits towards your NCEA.

For international students, this is an opportunity for you to start Aviation learning from the comfort of your home. Try aviation learning before you commit to the entire course! 

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