The firsts in Aviation


Important milestones for the aviation industry of India 

The Indian Aviation sector is broadly categorized into civil and military aviation. Today, the Indian Aviation industry is the fastest growing globally and will become the third-largest market in terms of passenger traffic by 2024. India is expected to spend around INR. 420- 450 billion on airport infrastructure by the end of 2023. It all started on 18 February 1911 when the first flight took off from Allahabad, piloted by french aviator Henri Pequet. 

Let us trace some of the important milestones and firsts in Indian Aviation to understand better the importance of the aviation industry for our country! 

  • The First Pilot of India: 

First pilot standing

JRD TATA was the first licensed pilot of India and is regarded as the father of Indian civil aviation. He is also the founder of Air India, which became the country's national carrier. 

  • The first female pilot of India: 

First female standing

Sarla Thukral became the first female pilot of India at the tender age of 21. She was also the first woman to complete 1000 hours of flight training to obtain her A license. 

  • The first airport in India: 

    First Airport

Juhu Aerodrome was the first civil Aviation airport in India and the primary airport for Mumbai city until world war 2. Today the small airport handles all helicopter operations and is home to the Bombay flying club. 

  • The first international flight in IndiaFirst International Airport

 Bombay to London Heathrow became the first international route undertaken by a Lockheed constellation L-749A. It was called the Malabar princess and flew on 8 June 1948. 

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