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ATPL Flight Planning

eLearning pilot training courses designed by professionals and industry experts.

Price: NZD$499.00

Unit standard: 26810

16 week

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ATPL Flight Planning

Gain knowledge of: flight planning concepts, manual flight planning and computerised flight planning.

Course Pathway

7 Sections ∙ 123 hours

This time is provided for you to explore the course, familiarize yourself with the Course Navigation material, and to post your introduction.

The below content aligns with the CAA NZ AC61-7 document for pilot training.

  • An overview and the daily life of an aviator.
  • Terminology (syllabus point 40.2.2)
  • Extended diversion time operations (syllabus point 40.4.2, and 40.4.4 to 40.4.10)
  • ISA and deviation (syllabus point 40.2.2 (i))
  • Cruise (syllabus points 40.8.2 to 40.8.4)
  • Diversion decision points (syllabus point 40.20.2)
  • Return points (syllabus point 40.18.2)
  • Flight planning and fuel policies syllabus points 40.22.2 to 40.22.4
  • Aircraft data syllabus point 40.22.8
  • Aircraft flight plans syllabus point 40.22
  • Interpolating syllabus point 40.22
  • Aircraft data interpretation exercises (syllabus point 40.14.2)
  • Aircraft flight plan interpretation exercises (syllabus points 40.22.2 to 40.22.8)
  • Flight plan revision questions (syllabus points 40.24.2 and 40.26.2)

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