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My Journey to IAANZ had begun when I first decided that I want to be an Aerodynamicists.

Post my Bachelor's degree, I was on hunt to find a place where I learn the practical knowledge about flying an aircraft which would help me reach my ambition. After lots of Consideration from Aviators, I decided that I would need to choose a place where in I not only learn Flying but I get groomed as WELL PROFESSIONAL AVIATOR. Hence after thorough research, I made a call to train with IAANZ. Now after 2.5 years experience in Aviation Industry as a Flight Instructor, I am proud to say that there was not a single incident where I regretted my decision of being an IAANZian. Thank you IAANZ family for grooming me to the PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS of Aviation Industry. I honestly miss the place alot.

Shrinath, India

My training and employment with the International Aviation Academy of New Zealand has broadened both my flying and life experience in ways that has helped push me further and even look to gain experience overseas. The flight training pushed my boundaries and developed my flying skills in some of the best and most challenging terrain in the world

Toby, Switzerland

The value of quality flight training through IAANZ furthered my passion for flight and the learning associated with it. IAANZ has given me the tool to start my flying career through the diploma enabling me to complete a childhood goal of becoming a Commercial pilot.

The environment created here pushes you to succeed and build strong connections with diverse people and this is something I will cherish. Completing my diploma, I admired the instructor/ lecturing side of aviation which formed my next goal to become an instructor. Through the intensive course and support from a large group of instructors I was able to complete my C Category instructor rating and be fortunate enough to be offered my first flying job.

Alice, New Zealand

I completed all my flight training through IAANZ – PPL, CPL and MEIR and in 2019 returned to complete my instructor rating. IAANZ was an easy choice when considering training organisations:

Word of mouth, preferred FTO by Air New Zealand, strong core values, and based out of a major International Airport. IAANZ also trains to a very high standard and that is reflected in the organisations high student pass rates and success in seeking employment within aviation.

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work for IAANZ as a Flight Instructor and have been with the organisation for three years now, since achieving my B Category Instructor Rating. With the qualifications I’ve gained and the flight experience through instructing, IAANZ has enabled me to reach a point where I can now pursue a career in flight instruction/examining, flying for tourism operators across the country, or as an airline pilot – whether that be for Air New Zealand, smaller operators such as Sounds Air, or even overseas. It’s an exciting prospect and I’d happily recommend my journey with IAANZ to anyone interested in pursuing aviation as a career.

Callum, New Zealand

IAANZ being situated at an international airport and having very knowledgeable and kind instructors, I experienced the highest level of flight training. Thanks to that high standard, I was motivated everyday to become the best pilot I can be. I believe IAANZ has prepared me well to go out in the aviation industry. For anyone who is interested in becoming a commercial pilot, I would strongly recommend IAANZ.

Arthur, Japan

It was a great time for me to train at IAANZ. I studied with experienced, professional and enthusiastic instructors, some of whom were even first-officer of Air NZ. The campus is located on the premises of Christchurch International Airport, so it is very convenient for me to get used to the controlled airspace, which will definitely help me a lot in the next step of my training. Aircrafts are always regularly maintained with high safety standards. Besides, the student service department took care and supported me promptly when I had any problems during my studies and even my life. I am so satisfied with this choice.

Hieu Pham, Vietnam

I always knew I wanted to fly, and I was eager to start as soon as I could. I started flying during high school and even accomplished my first solo when I was 16 years old. 

After high school I stared full time study at a IAANZ which is flight training organisation located at a busy international airport, as that environment would help me with my long term goal of being an airline captain. 5 flight tests and 21 exams and about 18 months later I achieved my Private Pilot Licence (PPL) Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) and Multi Engine Instrument Rating (MEIR). From there, I decided that the next step for me was wanting to teach others how to fly to fulfil their dream of flight like I did! After an intense 8 week flight instructor course I achieved my C Category Flight Instructor Rating.

I now work at IAANZ as a C-Cat instructor and easily my favourite thing about my job is seeing my students come in with little to no knowledge about flying and then seeing them reach their goals both in the classroom and in air! I also enjoy watching my students develop into leaders. As a C-Cat flight instructor I am so fortunate to have a lot of opportunities to upskill. As a pilot there is continuous study for exams and flight tests. I am looking forward to achieving my B-Category instructor rating in the future. 

Grace, New Zealand

No doubt New Zealand is the best place to be a pilot, with beautiful scenic views and the best flying standards in the world.

IAANZ made it even more beautiful by making us operating in the Christchurch International Airport. Where that’s how we are different from other trainee pilots. The training experience was really good with kiwi students and instructors. I will say those training days where my best days of life !

Manigrandan, India

Till date I am so proud to say that I am a pilot from IAANZ. The place is just absolutely perfect with wonderful people, supporting staff and instructors. Beautiful place to train and to experience all kind of weather. There were some up and down for academy during my training, and the management stood with us and supported us. They made us feel safe and made us fly. Thanks for having me.

Dhanush, India

I still remember the first day at IAANZ were our log book was handed over to us by the CFI with a pleasant simple and the first feather to my wings.

Every takeoff and landing at IAANZ has been an experience of unalloyed joy and my whole experience of flight means more to me than a line entry in my log book. I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to all the instructors who had helped me to built each feather to my wings and which helped me to fly high in the sky. The experience and exposure given by IAANZ was outstanding and the well maintained fleets , maintenance team and dedicated instructors have made the academy and the students to high standards.

Dheeraj, India

I have completed my Diploma in Aviation from IAANZ in 2022. My life in New Zealand and experience from IAANZ was amazing.

Training quality provided by IAANZ is exceptional and of high quality and standards. With well maintained aircrafts and properly scheduled bookings I was able to complete my training on time. Instructors from IAANZ are resourceful and skilled. The staffs are friendly and approachable.

Vishal, India

Being from the UK and leaving for New Zealand, the flying school I chose had to be the best.

IAANZ offered the highest standards of training and a highly successful MEIR CPL. IAANZ also offered the highest standards in safety, instructors, and engineers. Following the completion of the MEIR CPL, I chose to embark on the C-Cat course. Becoming a flight instructor hadn't crossed my mind prior to my PPL. Being around the instructors as IAANZ inspired me to become a flight instructor. As a flight instructor I have continued to build upon and develop the skills learned throughout my flying journey at IAANZ. Future employment looks hopeful, especially following the training from IAANZ as preferred FTO of Air New Zealand. Instructing at IAANZ and the support and guidance of staff has continually helped me build towards a successful and future career.

Josh, United Kingdom

testimonial sheob

I have completed my CPL training at IAANZ in the years 2017-2018. IAANZ gave me wings and fulfilled my dream of becoming a commercial pilot so for me IAANZ holds a very special place in my aviation journey.

It was a fulfilling experience at IAANZ, all the instructors during my time were very professional and experienced and had really high standards of training. The fleet is well maintained by Engineers and the management team is also helpful.
IAANZ provided me with immense exposure and gave me the confidence to be the best in this competitive aviation environment.

Sheob, India

I’m a holder of Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) issued by NZCAA started my training with IAANZ in July 2018 and completed my training in December 2020. To be honest I did take time but a 100% quality training, worth every flight and penny spent.

It has been an extremely amazing journey with IAANZ, which is one of the top most training schools in Christchurch, New Zealand. The training offered by this institution is of highest standards and is well recognized in the Indian skies. Safety standards are their top priority. The institute believes in quality training and not just building hours. Very transparent, without any biases between Domestic or International Students or even gender specific. Well maintained fleet of aircrafts made my journey of flying experience exciting memory.

Instructors are very understanding who will go out of their way to train you and make you ready for your future. They are the best capped professionals from the aviation industry with great experience. My interaction with Sunil Kacchapilly, Toby Spanton, Heath Fiddymont, Pete Dixon, Jagmeet Brar, Richard Collett & Christian Schoenfeld all of whom made my dream come true.
Administration and the reception does a great job in scheduling flights in a very efficient manner. Stephanie Royds, Stephanie Schwabe, Rikus De Lange, Tony Graham, Nicky Hodges, Prince Joel and Vijey Balaji have helped going out of the way to resolve any queries of difficulty you face while flying or personally. Jason Hobday and Ross Sparks really encourage you and make sure you are performing well with regular B-Cat/ A-Cat check after 5hrs or more of your flying. A very big thank you to Vijey Balaji and Prince Joel who have helped with the admission and the whole visa process. IAANZ also has an experienced set of maintenance and engineering section very prompt and helpful and answers all your queries when asked, very approachable I’d say. Last but not the least, I'd like to mention that even after the training they have been really prompt in helping with my documentation for the conversion of my foreign licence to Indian licence with the DGCA. A big thank you to one and all at IAANZ

Kaianaz, India